Imagined Reality




I'm a national ProMAX BDA Gold and multiple local Emmy award winning animator and graphic artist, I've been working in broadcast production of over 20 years doing 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, on-air, web and print design.

I can produce full commercial spots consisting of video and animation.  Or simple build animated pieces to be integrated into your spot. 

Small jobs are my specialty.  Perfect when you just need a logo animation, end tag for your spot or something else that isn't big enough for a large agency.

But I'm no stranger to larger projects either.  I've designed graphics packages for award winning newscasts. 

I'm also a VIZrt Artist and template creator.  If you need VIZ elements for your live productions, I can help build the scenes and script the templates for your producers.

Take a look at the gallery and then contact me to discuss your individual graphics and animation needs. 


GREGORy schrick

Viz Artist